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Recognizing a Flood Damaged Vehicle

With a tragic beginning to this hurricane season, the possibility of being sold  a flooded used car is increased. Though it is EXTREMELY unethical, some companies think it is OK to simply fix the cosmetic damage to the car and resell it. Make sure you trust the dealership you’re buying from by checking reviews and reputation!

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Avoiding Flooded Used Cars

There are some things you can look for in used cars Greenville NC or used trucks Garner NC to help you avoid problems down the road due to flooding damage:

  • First of all, smell for mildew, must, or mold. Shut the doors and windows and make note of any “off” scents!
  • Look under the dash of the car using a flashlight. The car should be clean there, unless it was recently covered in flood water.
  • Lights on the dash – know what the light being on means! Do not simply let the seller turn the light off by resetting it.
  • Check under the car for mud, grass, or any other foliage that may have gotten stuck due to rising flood waters.
  • Make sure every electrical system works. If only some of the displays or systems work, that could be an indication of more serious issues.
  • Upholstery – check the coloration, seams, etc. on the upholstery and carpeting of the car. It may be a warning sign if there are color discrepancies or if the seams do not look like a manufacturing job.

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