Bad Credit Auto Loans Wilson

Bad Credit Auto Loans Wilson

Bad Credit Auto Wilson NCBad credit scores can make it hard for any individual to get approved for traditional financing and business options. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a car loan. Fortunately, people who want to buy a car can turn to companies that offer bad credit auto loans in Wilson. All it takes is the right advice on where you should get bad credit auto loans in Wilson. Take a look at this article for more info on car loans:

Auto Store: Providing Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wilson

For fast, easy, and hassle-free bad credit auto loans in Wilson, turn to Auto Store.

Through our own company, Key West Financial, we help clients who need bad credit auto loans in Wilson.

To get pre-approved for bad credit auto loans, Wilson residents don’t need to give out information such as their social security number. In fact, we can get you pre-approved for one of our bad credit auto loans in Wilson instantly-we just need your name and address!

Benefits of Having Your Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wilson Instantly Pre-Approved

Have you ever come across a car you absolutely love only to find out weeks later that you can’t afford to pay for it? At Auto Store, we want you to know exactly how much you need to pay for our bad credit auto loans in Wilson. Simply fill out our online form to get pre-approved for one of our bad credit auto loans in Wilson.

Get Good Cars With Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wilson

While other shops that have bad credit auto loans in Wilson give you mediocre vehicles, Auto Store only offers cars, SUVs, and trucks that are in good shape. This is because we want clients applying for our bad credit auto loans in Wilson to get the vehicle they both need and want. After getting a car through our bad credit auto loans, Wilson-based customers can also enjoy a 1,000-mile or 30-day warranty on the unit they purchased.

Auto Store’s 38-Point Inspection and Low-Mileage Vehicles

With bad credit auto loans in Wilson, you can buy secondhand vehicles in good condition. However, some cars may have mechanical issues. If you purchase one that wasn’t inspected carefully, you may end up spending more money on maintenance and repairs.

For your benefit, each vehicle sold at our dealership undergoes a specialized 38-point inspection. Crucial components, such as the engine, brakes, clutch, transmission, and computer system, are thoroughly examined to make sure you will get a vehicle in tip-top condition.

Additionally, we sell only low-mileage vehicles through bad credit auto loans in Wilson or other financial options. Given its low mileage, the vehicle you buy from us may still have some market value in case you want to sell it in the near future.

You may choose from our inventory of vehicles made by well-known and trusted brands. Drive home a new set of wheels soon by applying for our bad credit auto loans in Wilson today!

Building Credit Scores Through Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wilson

Auto Store can help you rebuild your credit when you apply for our bad credit auto loans in Wilson. By making on-time payments for your bad credit auto loans in Wilson, you can improve your credit score. Our dealership, which offers bad credit auto loans in Wilson, reports to three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

Apply for Bad Credit Auto Loans in Wilson at Auto Store

When applying for bad credit auto loans, Wilson customers should only talk to reputable, established auto dealerships such as Auto Store. We provide bad credit auto loans in Wilson and three other locations.

Aside from bad credit auto loans in Wilson, our dealership also has competitive rates as well as different payments options to make things convenient for our customers. Feel free to visit our website or get in touch with us to learn more about bad credit auto loans in Wilson and other financing options.

Auto Store

Purchasing a pre-owned car is not only an exciting experience but also one of your biggest investments. That’s why you have to pick the right dealer and make preparations to avoid being overcharged or deceived. While North Carolina has no shortage of secondhand car dealerships, only few can help car buyers score the best deal like Auto Store.

Auto Store is a premier dealer of used cars, trucks, and SUVs. We have a diverse inventory of vehicles, which go through a highly detailed inspection and optimum reconditioning. We also have four locations throughout Eastern North Carolina (ENC): Greenville, Greenville North, Wilson, and Farmville. If you find your desired make or model at our lot, we can offer it to you at the best price and give you the most value for your money. Come by our location, inspect our rides, and drive away with your hottest set of wheels!

Our Story

Providing customers with secondhand yet first-rate cars, SUVs, and trucks, Auto Store has been owned and run by Jay Tyson and Frank Edwards. The first and original car lot was started in the dealership’s current Farmville, North Carolina location by Jay’s father. Continuing his father’s legacy, Jay took over the business with Frank and opened three more locations throughout ENC upon the enterprise’s success.

What We Offer

Auto Store provides more than just used cars. We offer a hassle-free car buying opportunity that will leave you happy and financially healthy. Our products and services include:

Inspected and Low-Mileage Used Vehicles

Our team understands how vital auto inspections are to the buying process. From engines and transmissions to tires and brakes, car components must be checked or reconditioned to ensure that the vehicle is in good shape. That’s why we have our automobiles undergo a thorough 38-point inspection. We put a premium on our relationships with customers, and we want them to be fully educated on the state and specifications of their vehicle. To see a list of the checked components during the 38-point vehicle inspection, check out this page.

At our dealership, you’ll find secondhand cars with low mileage. The miles that a car has covered in its lifetime are usually inversely proportional to the vehicle’s wear and tear. This means low-mileage used cars commonly have longer lives and require lower ownership costs, which include repair and maintenance fees. As a bonus, you can use your ride’s low mileage to prop up its resale value if you plan to sell it in the future.

Financing Services

Are you planning to purchase a car through installments? We have you covered. Our team provides financing services through our company, Key West Financial. Without sacrificing vehicle quality, we offer competitive rates and various payment options for the maximum convenience of our customers. We also help borrowers build credit and report to all three major credit bureaus.

If you wish to prequalify for a loan, you can let us collect your personal and residential information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Warranty Services

At Auto Store, our pre-owned vehicles come with a standard 30-day or 1,000-mile warranty. You may get an extended 12- or 24-month warranty through our Auto Store Care Protection Plan.

We Buy Cars

If you’re planning to off-load your car, why not sell it to Auto Store? By letting us buy your vehicle, you won’t need to worry about advertisements, picky buyers, and test drives. You can also enjoy a fuss-free, fast, and reliable service and get your ride sold on the same day.

To know your car’s worth, you can send us your vehicle information. We’ll have a representative contact you as soon as we’ve appraised your car.

Buy or Sell a Car at Our Dealership

Are you planning to get a new vehicle? Check out our collection of various makes and models at Auto Store! Through hassle-free transactions, we help car buyers get the ride of their dreams. Contact us today. To learn more about our company, visit our website. Make us your auto dealer.

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