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Getting Your Christmas Tree Home

Today, there are between 25 and 30 million real Christmas trees sold each year in the United States in various tree farms and stores. You can find out more about the history of Christmas trees by visiting National Christmas Tree Association’s educational page . One thing that holds people back from purchasing a real Christmas tree is the vehicle they drive. Many people who drive smaller cars fear that its not safe to transport a tree on top. However, we have broken down how to get the tree you love home safely and hassle-free!

cars and christmas trees

Cars Need Protection

When you go to pick out your fresh Christmas tree, be sure to throw an old blanket or towel in your car. This can easily be placed up on top of the roof to protect your cars from scratching.

Wrap the Tree

Most tree farms will wrap the tree in a net to keep the branches securely in place during the drive home. If this is not an option at your local tree farm, bring an extra blanket to wrap the tree in. Keeping the branches secured will also help protect your cars from any unwanted damage.

Position the Tree Correctly

Your tree should be placed with the trunk on the front-end of your car. This will keep your tree safe from wind damage and also keep your tree stable on top of the car.

Securing the Tree

Some tree farms and tree stands will provide you with twine. Just in case, grab some string or twine to bring with you so that you are able to secure the tree on top of your car. Securing your tree on top of your car can avoid damages to your vehicle and others around you. The tree should be secured tightly to your roof rack, if applicable. If you do not have a roof rack, open all doors and secure the tree by running your twine or rope through the inside of the car.

Driving Home

Be sure to take it slow on your drive home, using your hazard lights if necessary. Keep in mind the differences in your cars center of gravity and ability to brake due to the cargo on your roof!!

All in all, following these steps helps you to safely and simply get a Christmas tree home with your cars, big or small! To find out more about safely maneuvering your vehicle while getting your Christmas tree home, check out our blog on choosing the right tires for your car!

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