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When it comes to purchasing a used car, many consumers wonder what type of down payment you will need for financing on your vehicle! There truly is no simple way to answer this question without saying that it is on a person by person basis. Your required down payment takes into account your credit score, income, and so much more!

Here at Auto Store Group, we often run specials where you can take advantage of a limited time lowered down payment. This amount is often lower than what you would usually get based off of your personal finances. Many dealerships, like Auto Store Group, even offer pre-approved credit financing! Talk about an amazing deal!

When beginning your search for a used car, it is always a good idea to go into the search knowing exactly what you’re working with. If you know your credit score and your financial standing before you go into a dealership, you will have no problem ensuring you get the best deals. Knowing what you can afford is extremely helpful! Most dealerships, including us, have an option to get an estimate online before you ever step foot into a sales office.

Knowing exactly what you can afford may seem minimal but it crucial when determining what kind of vehicle you can get. If you know you can only afford a $250 down payment, why would you even want to look at models that have a much higher rate?

When considering your credit score into your down payment, understand that different dealerships use different reporting companies. Lucky for you, Auto Store Group uses the three biggest and takes the highest score reported to get you the best deal with the lowest down payment!

So, go ahead and figure out what you can afford and get approved for. We will be sure to find you a vehicle that works for your budget! Try out our credit approval tool and browse our online inventory today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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