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When you first step onto a used car lot, you may feel overwhelmed with all the options you must choose from. From trucks, compact cars, and SUVs, it can be difficult to determine which body style is the best for you. According to AutoNews crossover SUVs have accounted for a little over 33 percent of car sales in the first quarter. With compact car sales down you may be wondering why crossover SUVs are so popular?

Crossover SUVs and Their Rise

Well to start off, crossovers not only offer high gas mileage in comparison to a full-size SUV or truck, but they are also spacious enough for the average person or soccer mom! Along with gas mileage and space come the drivability of a crossover. Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of a full-size SUV and felt as if you were in over your head or that you were struggling to control the vehicle? Well, with crossovers you get the control you have with a mid-size sedan! Now that you know why so many consumers are choosing crossovers let’s go into which crossovers are the most popular, and why!

Top 5 Crossovers

After reading through multiple top10 lists, here are our picks for the top 5 crossovers:

5) Jeep Cherokee

In the world of Jeeps, the Cherokee is the best driving of the smaller models. While being solid, the Cherokee still offers good on-road dynamics and all-wheel drive for those winter days when it may potentially snow. On the inside the Cherokee rivals the Grand Cherokee, however because of the price point it has made the list.

4) Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson used to barely make top 10 lists, however, with the launch of the 2016 model, the Tucson emerged once more. The Tucson features a roomy backseat, a very modern control system, as well as fine-tuned suspension. Back in 2015, there was a sportier version of the Tucson launched, and it grew in popularity overseas.

3) Honda CR-V

Everyone always says Hondas last forever, and that’s why the Honda CR-V made our top 5 list! With many upgrades throughout the years, the Honda CR-V has stayed true to its original look with a little plastic surgery every so often. The handling and gas mileage are incredible, and just as any Honda. It tops in dependability. Front wheel drive is standard is the CR-V; however, there is an all-wheel drive option for those of you who may need it!

2) Mazda CX-5

Falling just short of first is the Mazda CX-5. The CX-5 truly is the sports car of crossovers with its modern design and amazing internals. While the cargo space in the CX-5 could be a little bigger, we aren’t complaining, solely because of how well this thing looks on the road!

1)Nissan Rogue

2017 Nissan RogueThis year a new front-runner has emerged in the industry, and that is the Nissan Rogue. While not only having the poise of a sportier crossover, the Rogue still manages to look just as ‘bad’ as a Chevy Tahoe -especially with the newest redesign. Nissan has been killing the game this year, beating out both the Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav-4 in sales for the first quarter. The Rogues has it all- a super large cargo, updated controls, as well as the high gas mileage and drivability we look for in a crossover. You do not want to pass on a chance to give this baby a test drive!


In closing, crossovers are taking over the industry slowly but surely, and we here at Auto Store Greenville would love to help you find your dream car- whether it is a crossover or not! Browse our catalog and swing on by and test drive one of our amazing vehicles today!


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