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Use your current car, truck, or SUV to help pay for your next new vehicle by selling it or trading it in. Get in touch with a appraisal specialist by completing the form below, or by calling us at: 252-753-6790 

Why Sell or Trade In My Car?

Do you like saving money? As long as your car is still running, or in some cases even if it isn’t, it still has value. Put that value towards your next new vehicle or a car, truck, or SUV that’s simply new to you. Gathering dust in a garage or sitting in a driveway isn’t going to make your next new car, truck, or SUV a reality. Selling or trading in your car with a dealership also eliminates the headaches that are associated with selling your car privately. You don’t have to hope that prospective buyers show up or needlessly haggle with us. Bring in your car, let our experts take it for a quick drive, and we’ll make an offer according to the condition and market trends.

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