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Using Your Car to Navigate the Weather on the Road

If you have recently moved to North Carolina, the weather can be somewhat tricky to get used to. Most months out of the year the weather is warm with rather frequent rain showers. There are only a few months out of the year that the temperatures drop. This leaves people asking, are winter and summer tires really necessary in this part of North Carolina? We are going to break down the details of each tire so you know exactly what each one’s purpose is on your cars and trucks.

tires for trucks

All Season

Most cars and trucks have all-season tires as their standard tire due to the good tread life, fuel economy, and a decent ride. They are designed to perform under many different road conditions such as light snow, wet roads, etc. Although all season tires sound like the best of both worlds, by attempting to provide a wide range of capabilities, there are some short-comings. For example, all season tires will not grip as well as a summer tire or handle as well in heavy snow or ice as a winter tire.


Winter Tires

The makeup of winter tires allows them to work effectively when temperatures drop to extremes. Summer tires and all season tires tend to stiffen up, therefore keeping your cars and trucks from being able to maintain traction in harsh winter weather. The patterns of treads are also deeper to prevent buildup of snow in the treads.


Summer Tires

This type of tire is built and engineered for enhanced speed and agility. The tread on these tires is much shallower with fewer grooves.  The main use for these tires is on high performance vehicles to provide increased cornering and braking abilities. Summer tires also allow your cars to perform better in wet road conditions. For an in depth look at the different tires and how they perform, visit Tire Test: All-Season vs. Snow vs. Summer.

How to choose the right tires for your cars and trucks

In the end, you want to take into consideration all of the factors that influence a vehicles tire performance. Where you reside for most the year is a very important aspect. As mentioned earlier in this post, eastern NC is not known for its harsh and cold winters so your cars may be better equipped with all-season tires.


Hopefully you have gained a better understanding about the different types of tires and when you might need each. Auto Store Group wants to make sure your car is fully equipped with functioning parts and accessories, which is why we perform a 38-point car inspection on all of our used cars prior to selling them. To find view the detailed list of each point, click here!