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It just snowed, there is slush and salt covering the roads and all of a sudden your black car is looking more gray than usual. Washing your car or truck is important, especially in the winter months when there are so many factors to consider on the road and in the air.  It may seem like it’s not worth it because of how fast vehicles seem to get dirty again after washing, but it is very beneficial. Salt combined with the moisture in winter months can cause rust to develop on the car. Keeping your car in a good, clean condition makes your car last longer and increases the trade-in value down the road. For that reason, we have compiled a list of places to wash or detail your trucks Greenville NC.

Trucks Greenville NC need washed
Top Places to Wash or Detail Trucks Greenville NC

  1. Adams Auto Wash – A full-service car wash that offers a number of options and packages from a basic wash to full detailing, all for a reasonable price.
    • From most inclusive to least inclusive their wash packages include:
      • Rain-X Package, Jim’s Manager Special, Full Service Wash, Exterior Wash, and Adam’s Express Wash
    • Their detail packages
      • Bumper to Bumper, Interior Detail, One Hour Miracle, and Exterior Only
  2. Havoline Xpress Lube and AutoSpa Greenville – This car wash is a one-stop shop for oil changes and a car wash. The car wash is a simple drive through wash that has vacuums provided outside the wash for use by wash patrons. They also provide window washing fluid so that you can wipe down your windows after the wash.


Top Places to Wash or Detail Trucks New Bern NC

  1. Carolina Quick Lube & Car Wash – A full-service shop that provides both a car wash and oil change option. Like Adam’s Auto wash in Greenville NC, there are multiple packages available.
    • From most inclusive to least inclusive:
      • Rain-X, Super Wash, Deluxe Wash, Express Wash
        • Full Service can be added to any wash for a low price which adds vacuumed interior, cleaned wheels/tire shine, wiped dash, interior windows wiped down, door jambs wiped, and an air freshener of your choice!
  2. Miracle Wash – An on-site car and trucks New Bern NC car wash that comes to you. All you have to do is call to get an appointment and they will send one of their mobile detailing units straight to you!

Now that you have the knowledge of why you need to keep your car clean, you can visit one of these awesome businesses to get your vehicle washed! Keep your trucks New Bern NC and trucks Greenville NC in top shape! Contact us with any questions you may have about your cars and trucks and the winter weather or check out our inventory to upgrade your ride!