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Finding cars for sale at car dealerships in Greenville NC can be tiresome and time consuming. Let Auto Store Group help find the perfect car for you. The inventory of used cars Greenville NC is unlike any other! There are many reasons buying used cars is better than buying new, we’ve listed a few of them for you here:

  • Less depreciation: A new car depreciates in value rapidly by simply driving them off the lot, about 20%. This depreciation continues in the first year of ownership by about 10% making your total loss on investment around $9000! Buying a used car helps you avoid this issue.
  • Lower insurance: One of the key factors your insurance agent uses to determine your rates is the value of your car. A used car naturally has a lower value than a brand new car and will lower your rates. There are also a few things you can eliminate insurance wise with an older car.
  • Getting what you want at a fraction of the price: Buying used does not have to mean buying old. With the diverse inventory of Auto Store Group, you can find your dream car with a few miles on the odometer for a fraction of the dealership price.
  • No compromises: You may think that buying a used car requires compromises, but thanks to today’s technology, many of the used cars are still in great shape and are equipped with the top safety features that are present in the new cars.

If these reasons have not convinced you, come out to Auto Store Group to take a look for yourself at all of the trucks and cars Greenville NC we have to offer. We can even help you determine the best auto loans Greenville NC for you, so stop in today!