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What goes into the worth of Cars and Trucks in New Bern NC?

If you have recently been considering purchasing a new car, you may have asked yourself a few questions. What is my car worth? What makes it worth that amount? What are my options for selling? Should I sell or trade my vehicle? We are here to answer all of those questions for you today!

Determinants in the Worth of Cars and Trucks


One of the main factors in determining the worth of your vehicle is the number of miles on the car. More mileage means more wear and teartrucks new bern nc on your trucks and cars. Though high mileage does not mean that the car is in bad condition, it can affect the price. Someone is less likely to pay as much for a car with 200,000 miles as a car with 25,000 miles. In fact, new cars and trucks lose 10% of their value when simply driven off the car lot. Find more information about the depreciation of new cars and trucks at “What to Consider: Car Depreciation.” This article can help you maneuver into the market of used trucks. You can also use these tips to help you to choose a used vehicle wisely!



The condition of the car is a big factor in the value of your cars and trucks. It is somewhat related to mileage because the more miles on the car increases the chances for a diminished appearance.  The physical appearance of trucks and cars is a big deciding factor in the buying process to most people. Someone is much more likely to purchase a car free of scratches and dents.

Options on Your Cars or Trucks

Cars and trucks come with the option to have all sorts of gadgets and whistles. These options include power windows, retracting running boards, utility rack, towing package and more. Some of these options are more valuable than others and increase the resale value of the car.


Some aspects that are added to a vehicle such as stereos, tint, etc. can actually hurt the value of the car. Though this is not always true, it can definitely affect the value of your vehicle.

What Are the Options for Selling Your Cars and Trucks?

Once you have made the decision to purchase a new car, it is important to look into all avenues. Used trucks and cars can be a great way to purchase the car you want without the high price tag! If you are worried about not being able to trade-in your vehicle, you should know that its not a problem! Used car dealerships in New Bern NC allow you to trade-in your used vehicle for value towards their inventory! Do not hesitate, visit our inventory page to find the perfect car for you. Then contact us to find out how we can help you find the vehicle that fits your needs and budget!

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